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In accordance with the Draft Strategy for the Development of Cultural Tourism of Montenegro with the Action Plan until 2023, the Agency for the Development of Cultural Tourism will be established in order to arrange successful cooperation between the cultural and tourism sector, according to Portal Analitika.
In parallel with the establishment of the Agency for the Development of Cultural Tourism, the Fund for the Development of Cultural Tourism Products will be established.
According to the document, the Old Town of Ulcinj has a national character. The cult of St. Vladimir is also known as the recorded national cultural resource.

Government launches development model for opening new jobs and raising citizens’ standards through citizenship for investment in development

The Government of Montenegro adopted a Decision on Criteria, Methods and Procedures for Election of Persons who can acquire Montenegrin citizenship by receiving a special investment program of special importance for the economic and economic interest of Montenegro as a development model for the creation of new jobs and raising of citizens standards.
“This Decision intensifies the realization of development projects and enables faster development and less developed municipalities. This program represents the real needs of our economy and the need for its diversification. This is why the quality of this Decision is exceptional in opening up opportunities for realization of development projects in several sectors – tourism, agriculture and manufacturing. Also, this Decision is an expression of our determined intention to realize development projects on the entire territory of Montenegro, i.e. in the north and south,” said Deputy Prime Minister Milutin Simovic.
Speaking about the criteria for the projects to be invested, in the field of tourism, the minister Radulovic said that they are hotels or mixed tourist complexes in the Primorje region and Podgorica main city: with at least five stars, at least 60 accommodation units, minimum investment of 15 million euros and at least 80 newcomers. In the Northern and Central Region, except for the capital of Podgorica, the criteria are: a hotel or a mixed tourist complex of at least four stars, at least 35 accommodation units, a minimum investment of five million euros and at least 25 new employees.
Applicants must meet the criteria for depositing 450 thousand euros in the Primary Region and Podgorica, or 250 thousand euros in the North and Central Region, except Podgorica, as well as 100 thousand euros for less developed areas. In addition, the applicant must deposit 15 thousand euros for the application for himself, 10 thousand euros for a maximum of four family members, and 50 thousand euros for each succeeding member of the family is specified by the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism.


The wind power plant at Možuri should begin with probation by the end of November, writes “Victory.”

As stated, in case of a successful completion of probationary work, the duration of which depends on a number of factors, the competent Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism will issue a permit for the windmill at Možuri, followed by the actual, commercial operation of the wind power plant.

The value of this investment is 89 million euros. The project envisages the construction of 23 wind generators with two megawatts of installed power.

“Miss Globe 2018”: at the beauty contest TIJANA CETKOVIC represented Montenegro  

Today, the “Miss Globe 2018” beauty contest is taking place in Tirana. It will last two weeks, organized by the “Deliart Association”.
Montenegro will be represented by a student of economics at this prestigious competition, 19-year-old Tijana Ćetković from Kotor.

The “Miss Globe 2018” is attended by 55 beauties from five continents, which will be staying in Ulcinj on October 14th and 15th, organized by the Municipality and Tourism Organization.


The Government of Montenegro announced that an international tender for the long-term lease of the island of Ada at the mouth of the river Bojana in the Adriatic Sea will be announced during autumn.

Ulcinj Municipality President Ljoro Nrekić said that he expects a public call to be made by the end of this year, and that he will be contacted by renowned companies.

According to his words, the biggest German tour operator “TUI” announced that it would build three five-star hotels on Ada.

“Bаch for Europe”: a WONDERFUL CONCERT IN the OLD TOWN 

At the end of last week, a concert called “Bach for Europe” was held at the scene of the museum in the Old Town, organized by the Association of Young Artists of Montenegro and the Montenegrin Youth Orchestra.

The exquisite ambiance of ancient Ulcinj walls was filled up with the audience to the last place. If it was not the usual form of the concert, it could be mentioned when entering the space intended for the performance.

Namely, just before the start of the concert, visitors were in the cell behind the old prison, you could notice and hear one of the young musicians. He would soon be in the symbolic gesture of the actress Ana Vučković, who would mark the beginning of the official part of the program, in which the musical points of the drama had been overturned, which was also an attempt to enrich and make the standard form of the concert more interesting.

The concert started with Albinoni’s “Adađom”, which beautifully showed these young musicians a sense of color and dynamic nuance. Then, as an introduction to the next music point, the actress dramatically talked about the passages from Johannesburg’s biography, after which we heard his Concert for two violins in D minor, with Igor Pejovic and Jelena Jovovic as interpreters of soloist parties.

The ubiquity and consistency of the orchestra, as well as the virtuosity of the soloists, had come to the fore in the performance of this complex Baroque scoreboard. In the continuation of the actress’s concert she spoke Njegoseva verses, chapters from Kish’s “Encyclopedia of the Dead”, and in the music section we heard the works of domestic authors: Tamindzić’s “Igor” and Pićurić’s “Divertimento”.

Young artists were awarded with great applause by over 200 visitors and then performed on Vivaldi’s “Winter”.

The concert is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, under the auspices of the Montenegrin Commercial Bank and Ulcinj Municipality, organized by the European Council.

The big fashion festival began in Ulcinj 

With the presentation of six fashion designers, including Ulcinjanka Edita Nimanbegu, on Saturday night, on the Great Skylight, under the walls of the Old Town, began the second festival of Ulcinj International Fashion Nights.

Among the many guests there were senior state officials, foreign diplomats accredited in Podgorica, local leaders, and particularly prominent cultural figures.

The main sponsors of the event, organized by the Non-Governmental Organization “Montenegro events”, are the Ulcinj Municipality and the Tourist Organization.

The other night of the festival, five more creators were presented on Sunday.



As part of the “UNESCO European Heritage Days”: “Bach for Europe” is on Friday in the city of Ulcinj 

Concert of classical music “Bach for Europe” will be held this Friday, September 21st, on the stage of the old town.

In addition to J.S.Bach the repertoire will be supplemented by the contemporary work of Montenegrin composer Milivoja Pićurić, and the program will be complemented by drama actress Ana Vučković.

The concert is held as part of the celebration of “The Day of European Heritage – Art of Sharing”, and the Ulcinian audience will be presented on this occasion by the “Montenegro Youth Orchestra”, which operates under the non-governmental organization “Youth Association of Montenegro”.
One of the founders of this civil society organization gathering musicians is Ulcinjanin, a professor at the Musical School Ardian Perovic.


The meeting was held in Ulcinj Municipality, attended by the Mayor Ljoro Nrekić with his associates and representatives of the European Investment Bank (EIB), Lijana Jancauskiene and Isabelle Stoffel, as well as Sanja Mugoša, Project Consulting Prokon, associates.

The topic of the discussion was the tender for the execution of works on the sewerage system for 4 (four) settlements: Donja Bratica, Bijela Gora, Totoši and Kodra.

At the meeting satisfaction was expressed with the activities of the local authorities so far, which in cooperation with the consulting house “Prokon” managed this project very efficiently until the publication of the tender, with the expectation that the project itself will be realized without any hesitation.
Among other things, opportunities for cooperation and other important projects for Ulcinj Municipality were also considered, which would be supported by the EIB.


About 300 classical music lovers took part in the Sunday evening concert to admire opera diva Inva Mula in the Old town.
Accompanied by the phenomenal pianist Genca Tukičija, she held a memorial concert, which completed the 3rd International Classical Music Festival “Belcanto Dolcinio”.
On behalf of Ulcinj Municipality, and the organizer of the American-Albanian Foundation of Culture from New York, Mayor Ljoro Nrekić thanked the artists for the unforgettable nights.


On Friday Evening the 3rd International festival of classical music – “Belcanto Dolcinio” – was opened.
This event is organized by the American-Albanian Cultural Foundation of New York and Ulcinj Municipality. Ljoro Nrekić – the mayor of Ulcinj – participated in the opening ceremony and stated that the local government in Ulcinj always supported good-natured cultural projects.
The first night, music lovers could benefit from the program, which was attended by artists Gjulije Pelingu, Fatima Buzuku, Iliriana Gjoni, Eleanor Valkenburg, Natasha Mitrovic, Darko, Srđan Bulatović, Vili Ferdinandi, Slaven Tursković i Mladen Popović.
The second day of the festival, Saturday, starting from 17 hours, at the hotel“ Palata Venezia”, was performed by the guitarists Darko Nikčević and Srdan Bulatović.


Performances of a duet – Darko Nikčević – Srđan Bulatović – have resumed the 3rd international festival of classical music – “Belcanto Dolcinio”.
Two famous guitar artists impressed music lovers who gathered at the Palata Venezia hotel, among which was featured an illustrious opera singer – Inva Mula.
She will perform on the stage in the Old town on Sunday, 16th , so this event will be finished, which is organized by the American-Albanian cultural Foundation of New York and Ulcinj Municipality.


From the Ulcinj Municipality, it was announced that it would be requested from the Government of Montenegro the assistance for the project of joining the boulevards “Teuta” and “Skenderbeg”.
“This is a project worth five million euros and I believe we will create the conditions for its realization,” said Mayor of Ulcinji, Ljoro Nrekić.
He added that Morske Dobro is expected to help with the asphalting of the road in the hinterland of the Long Beach, “which would ease traffic to the Stoj and the Adi.”


Managing Director of the Public Enterprise “Aerodrome of Montenegro” Danilo Orlandić said that from the story of valorisation of air ports, political memoirs should be excluded. He said that the development of new airports in Ulcinj was very important. Plans had previously been foreseen to build an airport in Gorani, and a sports aerodrome in Stoju.


In the Old Town of Ulcinj the bust of the world-famous Spanish writer Miguel de Servantes was installed. The sculpture, which reaches a height of 3.6 meters, was created by the famous Albanian sculptor Buyar Vani – from Tirana. The competition for the creation of such a sculpture was announced by the Tourist Organization of Ulcinj.

Installation of the bust is related to the fact that at the end of the XVI the famous writer languished here in captivity by pirates. He spent five years in the dungeon under the main square of Ulcinj and was released only after his family paid the ransom.

They say that here he fell in love with a girl, a local resident, who became the prototype of Dulcinea Tobosskaya (the girl with whom Don Quixote was in love). It is no coincidence that this name is consonant with the name of the city: after the capture in 1423, the Venetians called the city of Dulcinho.


The ministers of interior of Montenegro and Albania, Mevludin Nuhodzic and Fatmir Dzafaj, signed an agreement on the opening of the joint border crossing Ckla – Zogaj.

This means that, after 70 years, it will be possible to cross the border on Skadar Lake.

The prime ministers of the two countries announced on Tuesday in Shkodra that another border crossing near Ulcinj, on the Bojana River, Sveti Nikola – Puljaj could be opened soon.


Shanghai Electric Power Engineering, a major contractor for wind power plant construction at Mozuri, has so far set up 13 of the planned 23 wind generators at the site, and the investor’s goal is for all construction works to be completed by the end of July, the Daily News reported Ministry of Economy.

According to the information that the representatives of this line received from Maltese investor “Enemalta plc”, the control building and part of the building for the substation have been completed.

“Setting the wind generator goes with the planned dynamics and the investor’s goal is that all construction works are completed by the end of July,” the ministry said.

It is not known how much investor has invested in the construction of a wind farm at Mozuri so far, and according to plans, total investments should amount to 89 million euros.


The Ulcinj Tourist Organization, in cooperation with the Municipality of Ulcinj, businessmen of Ulcinj and the NGO Porta di Danza, organized for the fifth time the “Dolcinium International Festival”, which took place from 21 to 24 June 2018.

The aim of this event is to present the culture and the folklore, the values ​​of Ulcinj and the region in one place, and all citizens and tourists who are in our city in this period have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent costumes, folklore, music, games, youth …

The event began with the defile of folklore associations on June 22, beginning at 20.00hrs from the Culture Center towards Mala plaža, and the concert started at 21.00h and was held on the promenade on Mala plaža.

The second night of the manifestation was held on June 23 with the defile of folklore groups on the promenade on Mala plaža beginning at 20.30, and the concert started at 21.00h on the promenade.

We can say that the Dolcinium International festival already has a traditional character, because it is held for the fifth year in a row, and this year there are groups from Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, BiH, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Montenegro.


In Ulcinj, on Sunday, was opened solemnly the hotel complex “Holiday Village Montenegro”, located at the beginning of the Grand Beach, managed by the company “Karisma”.

The ribbon has been cut off by the mayor of Ulcinj Loro Nrekic, a guest from the UK and the director of development projects at Karsima Nemanja Kostić.

“I believe that Ulcinj is on the right path to return the old tourist splendor, yet as tonight, and even greater, the guests from Western Europe come to us, increase the level of supply, extend the season, educate and hire your own people, have new, quality investments in the tourist industry,” said Nrekic, pointing out that this time has come.

Otherwise, 300 guests from Great Britain came to this complex on the first day.


A public water management company on Tuesday handed blue flags to nine beaches on the Ulcinj Riviera as a sign of high ecological quality.
These are the following beaches:

  • “Miami” Long Beach – user “Miami” Ltd.
  • “Copacabana” Long Beach – user of “Copacabana Montenegro” Ltd.
  • “Safari” Long Beach – user “Dely tours” Ltd.
  • “Mar Buena” Long Beach – user of “C & A company” Ltd.
  • “Mojito” Long Beach – user “Stefandro” Ltd.
  • “MCM beach” Long Beach – user “MCM Rental Service” Ltd.
  • “Toni Gril” Long Beach – user “Toni Gril” Ltd.
  • “Evropa beach”, Velika plaža – user “Evropa beach” Ltd.
  • “Pearl beach” Long Beach – user of “Hilti hill” Ltd.

In the pilot phase are two more beaches: “White beach” Long Beach – user “Natural beach” Ltd. and “Cabo beach” Long Beach – user “Cabo” Ltd.


The TIRACELLOS ensemble was founded by Pjeter Guralumi, a violoncellist and professor at the University of Art in Tirana, along with his students in order to become a new artistic offer in cultural and artistic life in Montenegro and Albania.

Pjeter Guralumi graduated from Violoncello in Tirana, encouraged by his father, Mateo Guralumi.

The idea of establishing “TIRACELLOS” was born out of desire and commitment to the promotion of violoncello, which creates a warm, deep and expressive sound obtained in the ensemble.

The concert activity of the artists from “TIRACELLOS” as soloists or in chamber of music includes concerts and cooperation with domestic and foreign artists in Montenegro as well as in Albania, Macedonia, Greece, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Croatia and the USA.


In the presence of senior vocalists, on the hill of Možura, located on the territory of the Ulcinj and Bar municipalities, a ceremony was held on Saturday, 14th of April, for setting the first windmill.

It is planned to have a wind farm with 23 generators totaling 46 megawatts.

The project is worth EUR 80 million, and is realized by a state-owned company from Malta, Enemalta plc.

MITT 2018: Ulcinj Tourist Organization at the Moscow Tourism Fair

The Ulcinj Tourist Organization has traditionally participated in the largest tourist fair in Moscow MITT 2018, which took place from 13 to 15 March 2018.

The Montenegrin delegation was led by the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro, and they participated together with the local organizations of Budva, Bar, Podgorica, Herceg Novi, Tivat and the tourist business of Montenegro.

During the fair numerous meetings were held with representatives of Russian tour operators and agencies, and the fair was visited by over 20,000 professional visitors, agents, managers and various other professionals from the field of tourism.

From the Ulcinj businessmen who, along with Tourist Organization of Ulcinj, presented the tourist offer of the city – were the apartments Metropolis, Holiday and Bazaar, as well as Karisma Hotels Adriatic that had a large number of meetings and contracts during the fair. According to estimates and announcements of our businessmen we expect the growth of the number of tourists from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as they are among the most popular tourists in Montenegro, and the trends recorded from year to year show that Montenegro is one of the favorite destinations for holidays for Russian tourists. In the last ten years the growth of tourist traffic from this market was recorded . The number of tourists and overnight stays from Russia has more than doubled from 2010 to 2017.

The most significant Russian tour operators that offer their programs to Montenegro are the following: R Tours Company, TUI Russia, Anex Tour, Biblio Globus, Pax, TEZ Tour, Coral Travel, Intourist-Thomas Cook and the Balkans. They are announcing a good season on the basis of their present interests. The number of tourists from this country will increase. What is cracking for Russian tourists is the late booking, but also the fact that in recent years more and more of them come individually. Guests from Russia visit Montenegro mostly during the summer months and their main motives are passive vacation / relaxation and fun.

Montenegro Airlines will announce an increasing number of flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Tivat between the 25th of March and the 28th of October. Apart from the fact that it will have an increased number of flights in both the front and post peak periods, by June 30 , flights should be conducted every day up to 3 times. Also, in addition to regular Russian airline flights during the year, 10 Russian carriers announced additional flights to Montenegro during the summer season from 26  May to 30  September.

OPEN FISHING PLACE IN ULCINY with the support of Norway

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Milutin Simovic, together with the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Belgrade Arne Sanes Bjornstad, as well as the President of the Ulcinj Municipality Nazif Cungu, opened the first Riblja pijaca in Ulcinj on Friday.
Simovic said that the project of building the Fish Market is the result of a partnership between the Government of Montenegro, the Kingdom of Norway and local self-government, for the benefit of all fishermen of Ulcinj and consumers.

“It is a project that should create the preconditions for establishing a system of control, traceability and safety of fish products. The aim is to provide the fishermen with an adequate place of first sale and create conditions for improving the level of food safety in the part of the placement of fishery products and better control of the fresh fish trade, “Simović said, adding that he was looking forward to casting into oblivion of the previous image – fish on the streets and on the sidewalks.

He pointed out that the construction of the Fish Market in Ulcinj is only one of the projects that is moving towards an ambitious, big project of development of Montenegrin fisheries, which needs much to be done. “Together, once again with the valuable fishermen on this occasion I want a peaceful sea, a good catch, and that we all respect the standards of responsible fishing, sustainable management of sensitive fish resources, and that on the basis of such fisheries we give to consumers in Montenegro and tourists a particularly valuable product such as the fruits of our sea, “Simovic said.

The fish market is a good message, he added, and for the fishermen, whom he called to register, in order to be able to realize all the benefits and support that the Ministry of Agriculture has implemented. “I am sure that with this we will jointly build a new mosaic in modern Montenegrin fishing,” said Simovic.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development took the opportunity to thank the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, not only for this project, but also for all those that were implemented in Montenegro in the previous period, whose total value, as he said, exceeds 30 million euros. These are projects in the sphere of strengthening the rule of law, defense systems, strengthening institutions, energy efficiency and others. “I also express my gratitude on the commitment of the Norwegian Government to launch two new projects that will be directed to the Western Balkans region, and the realization of economic projects aimed at less developed areas in Montenegro, with a special accent on the north. The sum of all these projects shows the support Montenegro has in continuity from the Kingdom of Norway and the people of that country, “Simovic said.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway to Belgrade Arne Sanes Bjornstad expressed his satisfaction at the visit to Ulcinj, the city with a tradition and potential for the development of fisheries, which was used by the country in the right way.

From the experience of Norway, the valorization of potentials in fishing, but also tourism, the most important is good governance. “I believe Riblja pijaca will enable Ulcinj fishermen to better manage their seafood and contribute to preventing illegal fishing,” said Ambassador Bjornstad.

President of the Ulcinj Municipality Nazif Cungu, thanks to the Deputy Prime Minister Simovic and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, expressed his satisfaction with the final implementation of the project, reminding that the initiative related to the project for the protection of flora and fauna on the coast of Ulcinj started five years ago. “After two unsuccessful tenders, we managed to find partners in the Government of Norway and in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, we are implementing a project through which we managed to suppress fishing with explosive devices and began building modern market that will serve all fishermen, managed by municipal a communal enterprise, “Cungu said.


Ulcinj’s Solana is the top destination that will surprise you, according to a text published on the site of the Global Birdlife Organization, their Habitat and Biodiversity BirdLife International.

The author of the text particularly points out the pools of this Ulcinj jewel. “Although they are made with human hands, does not mean they are not good for birds. Preserving the natural environment and salt production can go hand in hand, and aquatic birds love food in shallow waters of salt basins. By drawing salt by natural seawater evaporation, these huge spaces are often the key to rest and replenishment for birds on their migration journey, “the article states, adding that” stunning salt pools in Ulcinj in Montenegro are lively habitats for 252 bird species- including flamingos and Dalmatian pelicans.

“However, saltwater pools are closed all over the world, because they are no longer considered profitable – and at one point this location is almost transformed into a hotel and golf course. It’s been saved for now, the battle is underway,” they conclude in BirdLife.


The Ulcinj Tourist Organization has already informed the public that it has launched a competition for the creation of the conceptual sculptural solution of Servantes and Dulcinea. After the closing of the competition, in which several candidates from the country and the region participated, the Commission composed of: Qazim Muja – President, Dr Nail Draga – member and Mehmet Aloja – member, unanimously made the decision that the first prize belongs to Bujar Vanij besides the documentation in writing, delivered the figure of Servantes and Dulcinea in sculpture. The second prize went to Mr. Evis Kabilo, and the third prize to Mr. Agron Ujkashi from Ulcinj.
The Ulcinj Tourist Organization has planned this sculptural design according to the 2018 Program Plan, which we hope will be completed before the start of the summer tourist season.
According to legends in Ulcinj, at the end of the 16th century slave and famous Spanish writer Miguel de Servantes was in Ulcinj.
Some researchers have recognized Ulcinjanka in Dulčinej from Tobos, the hero of the novel. Namely, his famous work Don Kihot originated after Servantes was slave in the Old Town, which in the Roman countries, as it is today, is called Dulcinjo. Does that mean, then, that Dulcinea is the second name for Ulcinjanka? This story or legend was perpetuated by Ulcinj’s name.

New road in Ulcinj!
In the center of Ulcinj near Opština (City Hall) after two months of work the new interchange was put into operation. This new road will definitely unload traffic during the peak season of the tourist season.

Soon! Festival of Maslinijada
Maslinijada is a fair of products. It was formed as a manifestation which should represent the introspection of products which are made from the indigenous specie of olive. Manifestation “Maslinijada” in December is also significant because the visitors and tourists can enjoy in observing and also in tasting of olives, olive oil from Ulcinj and Bar, mandarins, oranges, and other products typical for the coastal region, and especially for the area which encompasses municipality of Ulcinj and Bar. With the culturally entertaining program, Maslinijada is contributed by an exhibition of traditional folk costumes which used to be worn in Bar, Ulcinj and in its surrounding.