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Ulcinj is a coastal town and municipality in Montenegro. The town of Ulcinj has a population of 10,828 (2003 census), and it is the centre of Ulcinj municipality. This southernmost municipality of Montenegro has a population of 20,290. Ulcinj is the southernmost city at Montenegrin coast. With its natural potential Ulcinj is tourism borne. The longest beach at the Adriatic sea – Velika Plaza that is 13 km long, the Ada Bojana – a unique river island with marvelous sandy beaches, Valdanos – a unique bay with a coastline covered in old olive trees, the reconstructed old city of Ulcinj – full of interesting restaurants, cafés, galleries and hotels and many other attractive sights make Ulcinj unique and attractive


The country named after the sight of the mountains that appear black during the sunset. The original name is Crna Gora, and translated into English – Montenegro. Montenegro is located in the southwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Border States: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia. About 200 km of Adriatic coast separates Montenegro from the south-eastern Italy. In Montenegro you can find a variety of geographic areas: the Adriatic Sea, the central plains of the country, and mountain ranges in the east. 80% of the country covered with forests, natural pastures and meadows. On the territory of Montenegro is one of the most beautiful and largest lakes in the entire Balkan peninsula – Skadar, as well as a set (30) mountain lakes of glacial origin, which are called “mountain eyes”.

Valdanos Bay

The Valdanos Bay is located 4 km northwest of the town of Ulcinj. It stretches in the northwest-southeast direction in the length of 2500 m between the hills of Mavrijan (398m above sea level), Bijela Gora (327m above sea level) and Mendra (162m above sea level). Valdanos is connected to Ulcinj by a 4 km asphalt road and by 2 km of the Bar-Ulcinj highway. The Valdanos Bay beach stretches in the north-east direction, it is 324m long and 11m wide, and it encompasses an area of 3564 m2.



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The planning allows building of 15807 m2 of apartments and 5065 m2 of garages, etc. In total -20872 m2. Creator of the project provided customers with a range of apartments and villas. In total 26 buildings can be built, including 10 three floor buildings with 12 one room apartments, 5 three floor buildings with 6 one room apartments and 1 two room apartment, 3 three floor buildings with 6 one room apartments, 5 three floor buildings with 15 two room apartments and 3 villas.

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10 reasons to invest in Montenegro
10 reasons to invest in Montenegro

1.1.Stability and safety
Montenegro has proved to be a safe, politically stable and economically viable state with the potential to grow. The process of EU integration emphasized not only market accessibility, but acceptance of new values such as rule of law and property rights protection. Simultaneously, integration into NATO is a safety mechanism in the sense of the collective defense guarantees provided by NATO and its legal system. Montenegro has clearly committed itself to a collective security system as a framework of the accomplishment of its security and defense objectives. Montenegro has liberalized its visa regime with access to the Schengen zone countries, ratified the Stabilization and Association Agreement and received status of EU candidate country.

  • Stability and safety
  • Dynamic economic growth and development
  • Strategic geographic location
  • Hub for regional business

2. Progressive economic growth and development

Due to the introduction of German mark as the national currency in November 1999, and later the Euro in February 2002, the state has reached great success in ensuring a good business environment attractive for trustworthy foreign investors. Those were very efficient in demonstrating to others that Montenegro is a very interesting investment destination. It became reachable because of a number of economic reforms based on: (I) transparency, (II) financial stability, i.e. Euro as the official currency, (III) reduced degree of business regulation, (IV) moderate level of taxation (tax rate for corporate and personal income is only 9%); (V) free regime of capital flows; (VI) low degree of state interference in the economy (less than 12%). Apart from all these benefits here you find already privatized telecommunication and banking sector, import and services as well as petrol distribution companies. There are still some companies owned by the state but those are to be privatized in the nearest future which will enforce further economic development.

3. Strategic geographic location

About 500 km from Rome and Belgrade, 1500 km from Paris, Berlin and about 2000 km from Moscow, Montenegro lies on the Balkan Peninsula in the very heart of Europe.
• Two international airports: Podgorica and Tivat
• Sea ports: Bar, Kotor and Zelenika
• Ferry boat: Bar-Bari-Bar, Bar-Ancona-Bar
• Railway: Bar – Podgorica – Belgrad – Budapest
• Total length of roads: 6000 km
• Total length of railway: 330 km

4. Hub for regional business

Montenegro can be your regional business hub for the following reasons: a) Currency. The country is using euro, that means no hidden inflation and it is easy to calculate a consolidated balance sheet and income statements for your firms. b) Openness. Perhaps the most important factor of all. This country with its forward-thinking legislation and with straightforward, friendly people is very open to business with you. c) Financial services – with the commercial banks, all of them private and many owned by European banks, doing business in Montenegro, the region and the rest of the world is made easy. d) Telecommunication. Excellent connection with the rest of the world via optical cables, and fast Internet-based service represent a good foundation for your business communication. e) Connectivity. Flight connection: with daily flights to all regional capitals and major cities in Europe, it is easy to travel to Montenegro for business and leisure. Port of Bar: with favorable geographic position (42 0’ North latitude and 19 05’ East longitude), together with the railway line Belgrade-Bar and the road network represent a compatible traffic system that enables rational connections to the Port and its surrounding area. New highway from North to South of the country is under construction.

5. Favorable Tax Climate

The Montenegro Tax system is a flat one. Very few countries in the world have a flat system, and that itself creates a lot of advantages, simplicity above all. In addition, all major taxes in Montenegro are very competitive with respect to other countries in the region and in Europe, and in many aspects Montenegro is working to make its tax system even more attractive. The Corporate Income Tax, which is equal to 9%, is the lowest in the region. The VAT rate amounts to 17% with the implementation of the rate of 7% on some categories of products and services. Personal income tax is also 9%. All investors are able to remit dividend and interest profit in the full amount without any restrictions.

6. Pro-business government

The regulatory process in Montenegro is open and transparent. The business community is welcome to provide comments on draft legislation. Draft laws before the Parliament can be found on the Parliament website. Legislation, once it is passed, is published in an Official Gazette. All national legislation is available via the Internet in the local language, while the majority of it is available in English as well. In addition to that, almost all major strategies adopted by the Government of Montenegro, are also available in English. All firms registered in Montenegro are under the Commercial Court’s legal authority. The Court maintains a computerized registry and provides a public access to company information. A substantial body of laws protects foreign investors. Pursuant to the Foreign Investment Law, foreign investors enjoy the same legal status, and have the same rights and obligations as local investors. A foreign investor may establish a company in the territory of Montenegro, or invest in a company’s assets in accordance with the same procedures and meeting the same requirements as applied to the residents. According to the Business Organization Law, foreigners can be directors and members of the board within the companies.

7. Equal treatment to foreigners

The Law guarantees the foreign investors equal treatment. They can freely set up a new company, invest in it or buy an existing company or share of a company. Foreign persons can have property rights on movable or fixed assets and property, and have inheritance rights, the same as Montenegrin persons, as well as free transfer of assets and property to foreign or domestic legal and natural persons. There is no limit on the amount of invested capital. Foreign investors are allowed to invest in any industry, except the military industry where foreign investors can invest up to 49%, and freely transfer all financial and other assets, including profits and dividends. All major national and international investment insurance companies insure investment projects in Montenegro.

8. Excellent quality of life

Two UNESCO world heritage sites are located in Montenegro: the old town of Kotor as a cultural heritage site and Durmitor national park as a natural heritage site. Cultural life in Montenegro is quite rich. There are over 1000 sports clubs there. A large number of the restaurants, coffee bars and services support your business needs, together with 240 sunny days in the coastal area, offer a strong foundation for an excellent quality of life. Local healthy organic food contributes to that also.

9. Easy business start-up

Registering a business in Montenegro is an easy process. Minimum founding capital is 1€ and fees are 22€. The whole process is complete within 4 days and if you do not receive a registration within that time frame you are considered automatically registered. Also, all documents regarding registration should be submitted to the tax authority. Montenegro has introduced a one window system for registration within the Tax Authority. With a single document you can obtain your Tax ID and VAT number, as well as regulate your health care and pension contributions.

10. Additional advantages

Ulcine area has additional advantages for investments like cheap labour, multicultural and multiconfessional environment, low land prices, adequate reserves and supply of drinking water.